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Join our team of marine biologists, naturalists, and scuba instructors. Find out what it feels like to inhabit the watery realm. Learn first hand about how to protect the ocean — and the world you will inherit.

~Bring Marine Science to Life through Service~

Ocean Matters is 501(3)c nonprofit corporation and donations are tax-deductible as outlined by law.

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Join Us In Hawaii This Summer!!
High-School Aged students (ages 15 and older) are invited to join us this summer,
July 21-31, 2017 in Oahu, Hawaii at the largest marine research facility in the United States: the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology of the University of Hawaii on Coconut Island for our Pacific Program.

Be Inspired
We bring high-school aged students to endangered marine ecosystems for service learning projects performed on scuba. Our projects are designed in conjunction with local conservation organizations, universities, or NGOs and are designed to meaningfully address a pressing problem facing the sea.quadrats

Young people who have come on an Ocean Matters adventure have collected data on coral vs. algal diversity on two coral reefs facing differing dive pressure in Grand Cayman for the Department of the Environment.

We’ve GPS positioned and size classed understudied seahorse populations; studied patterns of coral broken from boating; and removed invasive mangroves in Oahu, Hawaii for the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology.


We’ve eradicated invasive lion fish and collected data on coral bleaching, as well as done underwater trash cleanups in Utila, Honduras.


Be Informed
Through scuba certification and hands-on science instruction we give you the skills and knowledge you need to make a difference to the world.

Be a Leader
We also provide support for you to continue projects that help save the seas that sustain us with other young people when you return home—wherever that might be! Our projects can be done along coastal waterways, rivers, lakes, and even in land-locked deserts. Best of all, you receive leadership skills and experience to share with others to make a positive difference to the environmental problems facing us.

Come along!


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Be Green, AND BLUE, because the ocean matters and you do, too!


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